Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

Its not often us Irish rivers have to prepare for the heat, so we have put together some helpful tips on how you can keep your car cool during this heatwave.It seems crazy we are putting this together so soon after advising on how to drive in the snow, but it's just too important to ignore - plus, thats the Irish weather for you! According to, a car in summer can be up to thirty degrees Celsius hotter than the outside temperature. When it’s a balmy 35 degrees outside, it could be a deadly 65 degrees inside. The steering wheel and the dashboard, being black which absorbs the heat, can be twenty degrees hotter still – a whopping 85 degrees Celsius which is enough to burn. So here's how you can beat the heat: 

Sun Reflectors

These are a common sight in warmer countries like Spain and France but not seen much here - for obvious reasons. These are placed against your windscreen on the inside and keep the suns harsh glare off your dashboard and steering wheel, helping reduce the overall temperature in the car. Keeping the suns rays off the dash also helps reduce fading or cracking of your dash - so it's a win-win! They can be purchased at most large supermarkets.



 Throwing blankets over the seats (and the belt buckles) is a great way of keeping the    material of the seats underneath cool. The blanket will absorb all the heat and you can simply put them in your boot when you get back to your car - No more burnt bums! You can also keep a hand towel over the steering wheel to prevent it from burning up



If you feel your area is safe, try leaving one of your windows open very very slightly. and we mean slightly! It just needs to be enough so that air can circulate the car and heat can escape, but it's not inviting anyone to try fit their hands though the gap. If your car windows have rain guards this will help conceal the opening.


 Parking Space

 Choose your spot wisely! It seems basic enough - park in the shade to keep your car cool. But it is so easily forgotten, especially since it's built into us to find the closest spot and not the coolest. Remember people, during a heatwave your space is about shade, not distance! If you are parked for work or long periods, it may be worthwhile to check on your car every few hours and move it if needs be.



 Check Your Air Conditioning

 It's been a long and cold winter, so it's most likely you have pressed the AC button for the first time this year. And what's even more likely - it doesn't work! Common problems with the AC is that it blows hot air or is releasing a bad odor. Before going on a long journey, check that your aircon is working properly. If it's not, you can bring it into any of our branches for a quick Air Conditioning Service.