About Your Tyres

The tyres on your vehicle are one of its most important components. That's why, at Fitzpatrick's, we are committed to ensuring your tyres are both safe and legal. We have all the sizes, at all the best prices. Why not book a free tyre check, or speak to our Parts Department who would be more than happy to help and advise you.

Tyre Safety

General wear & damage

Regular parking, potholes and driving over debris can cause general wear and damage to your tyres which adds up over time. It is important to regularly check your tyres for bulges, lumps, tears and cuts. They can impact the vehicle's grip on the road and cause other serious issues.

Tyre pressure

Checking your tyre pressure regularly helps ensure you have better grip on the road, increased handling and better braking distances. It only takes a few minutes to check, and it helps to keep your vehicle at peak performance. You can check your pressure yourself at home, or out at a petrol station. Alternatively, you can do it as part of your free tyre check.

Tread depth

The legal tread depth for your tyres is 1.6mm. You should look to replace your tyres before this limit to ensure safety on the road. Bald tyres not only look bad, but they perform badly too. You'll get less fuel economy and you also run an elevated risk of skidding, particularly in the rain.

Tyre Tread Measurements

Tyres are measured by taking three readings across the width of the tyre starting with the outside tread depth measurement. There can be a wide variation in the readings signifying different things. For example, a reading of 7,5,3 may indicate the need for a four wheel alignment check.

How can Fitzpatrick's help?

At Fitzpatrick's we will check and advise you on the condition and the correct replacement of your tyres. We provide a truly one-stop shop and apart from carrying an extensive range of tyres at very competitive prices we also carry out:

  • Wheel Balancing & Tracking.

  • Computerised 4 Wheel Alignment.

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