November 10, 2022

Tips for driving on frost and ice

Brr... it's getting cold out there! We're expecting some freezing temperatures, rain, hail and snow over the coming week. Here are some tips to stay safe and prepared.

  • Before you set off make sure you clear all of your windows from ice and condesation

  • Setting off in second gear and gently accelerating and lifting your foot off the clutch slowly may prevent wheel spin

  • Have your battery checked during winter months as its put under extra work with heating, lights on for prolonged periods from darker mornings and evenings

  • Stopping Distance should be increased by up to 10x more, don't rely on your breaks to stop as on ice they may not work at all

  • Make sure not to accelerate if your car loses grip, take your foot off and use the wheel to point your car where to go

  • Stay in a higher gear, don't drive too fast 

  • Keep to the main roads where you know they have been well gritted 

Safe, warm and happy driving!