November 10, 2022

5 Scary Things People Do To Their Cars

Here are 5 Scary Things people do with their cars that will be sure to give you a fright!

Ignoring the “check engine” light

We have all done it, ignore the problem and pray it disappears. However doing so could only cost you a frightening amount of money leaving you with holes in your pockets.

Failing to change fluids and filters

Make sure those fluids are topped up and don’t forget the filters. Ensuring your car is dependable and doesn’t dig itself an early grave by keeping your fluids and filters in check will extend its lifetime and avoid the Grim Reaper calling to your beloved cars door!

Neglecting your tyres

Bald tyres! Now that’s a scary sight. Regularly check inflation and thread dept. Underinflated tyres may wear out more quickly and could end up being more costly. More importantly, they can save your life in the event of an accident.

Having a dirty car

This is a tricky one. Especially when you have little monsters travelling with you in your car. It is important to keep your car clean inside and out so your lights can be safely seen on those dark misty nights!

Failing to keep to your servicing schedule

Your car needs to be routinely serviced to maintain its optimum performance. Here at Fitzpatrick’s Garage, we offer regular inspections and timely repairs to keep your car running optimally and efficiently.

We will help you to avoid those terrifyingly expensive repairs down the road!

If you could relate all too well to these scary things people do to their cars and felt your skin crawl while reading this don’t hesitate to book you’re car in for a service with us here at Fitzpatrick’s Garage to avoid any frightening mishaps over the Midterm Break!

Happy Halloween!