The Brand New Mercedes-Benz B-Class

The New Mercedes B-Class

Transformed in Design, Specifications and Performance

Arriving early 2019, fresh from having recieved a top to bottom makeover lifting into a higher league. Its transformed into a sporty and attractive design closer in visual harmony to alongside the new generaton of Mercedes models.

The interior is inspired by the new A-Class and equally distinctive. Its infotainment features include the A-Class's acclaimed MBUX multimedia system previously billed as a "user experience revolution". It heralds a new era "Mercedes Me" connectivity, emplpying artificial intelligence to create what they say is a 'emotional link between vehicle, driver and passengers".

The brand new B-Class is "perfecrt for thsoe who attach importance to space" bringing a "sporty" more dynamic motoring with emphasis on the comfort and safety of the passengers. Ideal for young families and business professionals. The B-Class has reclaimed itself in 2019, don't miss out on experiencing what the Mercedes-Benz Sales manager has quoted the it as haviing "the heart of an athlete". 

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