*** 6% Price Reduction *** 


Thinking New for 172? Think Fitzpatrick’s Hyundai.

Explore the entire Fitzpatrick’s Hyundai range this week from Mon 22nd to Sat 27th May and Trade, Upgrade & Save on a new 172 Hyundai. Choose from one of our unique offers: 5 Years Free Servicing, Scrappage of up to €4,000 or our Free Insurance offer. Drop in to us today and that could be you, in a new 172.

Call Kildare: 045533300 | Naas: 045848800 | Tullamore: 0579352700.

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*** 6% Price Reduction *** 

Do you want the Good News... or the Good News?

At Mercedes-Benz right now, all the news is good. All new 172 models are now available to order, which is good! And a 6% price reduction across the entire range will apply until July 31st, which is really good! Speak to us today at Fitzpatrick’s Mercedes-Benz Kildare about all this good news -  and prepare to upgrade from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

You said you would drive a Mercedes-Benz one day. One Day is Now.

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All-New 2017 Honda Civic at Fitzpatrick's Honda Centre Kildare.

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